Wednesday, January 30, 2008

MSRPRelay released

A new project was released to the public on the 29th of January, 2008. Adrian Georgescu of AG Projects announced the version 0.9.1 of MSRPRelay, an Open Source implementation of IETF standard RFC 4976. MSRP relay is an extension to the MSRP protocol (RFC 4975). Its main role is to help NAT traversal of Interactive Messaging and file transfer sessions for SIP/MSRP endpoints located behind NAT.

Out of the box, the software is designed to work in combinations with the
subscriber database used by OpenSER.

For more information visit:

Saturday, January 26, 2008

OpenXCAP v0.9.9 and Soap-Simple-Proxy v1.0.2

There is a new OpenXCAP server release available. Downloads and details at:

Soap-Simple-Proxy exposes a simple to use SOAP interface for the OpenXCAP server. It is a transparent proxy for SOAP to XCAP requests relying on XCAP server for authenticating requests.

Provided functions

1. Publish presence information (using pidf-manipulation application)
2. Set the presence policy for a given presentity (pres-rules application)
3. Retrieve the OpenSER watchers for a given presentity (watchers application)

The software can be used as

- Stand-alone data publisher for persistent Presence documents.
- Policy manager. You can build a web interface to manage the pres-rules
documetn and use it in combination with Eyebeam-lite as a complete SIP
SIMPLE client.
- To retreive and display the active watchers from OpenSER in a web

Monday, January 7, 2008

Asterisk & OpenSER SIP Master Class in Stockholm

The Asterisk & OpenSER SIP Master Class in Stockholm, January 14-18, will be held by two teachers that have all the insights you need to learn the details of Asterisk and OpenSER:

* Olle E. Johansson - Asterisk SIP Developer
* Daniel-Constatin Mierla - OpenSER Developer, co-founder

This class focuses on building a carrier-class scalable network architecture with Asterisk and OpenSER. You need to know Asterisk at the level of the Asterisk Bootcamp or the Asterisk Masterclass by Edvina in order to e able to take this class. Learn more here:

Register now - seats are limited! If you have any questions, please contact Emnet Jonsson at

info (at) or phone +46 8 96 40 20.

See you in Stockholm!

CDRTool 6.1.0 released

AG Projects announced today the availability of CDRTool v6.1.0.

CDRTool is an Open Source solution that provides mediation, accounting and tracing for Call Detail Records enerated by OpenSER by using RADIUS protocol and OpenSER siptrace facility.

More details at

OpenSER 1.2.3 Released

On the 20th of December 2007, a patch release for old 1.2 stable series was released as 1.2.3. Those running 1.2 branch and have no time or interest to upgrade to 1.3 branch (first stable release in this branch was out on the 13th of December 2007 as 1.3.0) should upgrade to 1.2.3, as it provides higher grade of stability.

The config file is full-compatible with any previous version in 1.2 branch, so the upgrade from 1.2.2 to 1.2.3 shall go smooth.

More details at