Tuesday, April 22, 2008

OpenSER-Asterisk SIP Masterclass, Barcelona, Spain

The Asterisk SIP Masterclass is a five days of advanced Asterisk and OpenSER SIP proxy training, focusing on how to make Asterisk work in a SIP network. The class assumes a good of knowledge about Asterisk.

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Date: May 5-9, 2008

The training is sustained by the main Asterisk SIP developer, Olle E. Johansson and Daniel-Constantin Mierla, the OpenSER project co-founder and developer. They have many years of experience together, building VoIP networks and debugging all kinds of issues in the software, network and the SIP protocol. This is an opportunity to spend a week learning and working with these OpenSER, SIP and Asterisk developers.

This class includes many practical labs. Feel free to bring your own equipment to the class - SIP phones, gateways, servers. We will have a classroom network filled with Asterisk servers, SIP proxies and devices to work with. It’s a good opportunity to test your devices!

More details at: edvina.net and asipto.com.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

OpenSER Social Networking - ROSDEV2008

The fist OpenSER social networking event took place in Bucharest, Romania, Apr 12, 2008. It was together with the folks at ROSDEV2008. From the OpenSER mailing lists, you may recognize in pictures people like: Dan Bogos, Elena-Ramona Modroiu and Daniel-Constantin Mierla (that's myself).

There were other people at the event using OpenSER -- see the presentation about VoIP in the University Campus -- and we were able to conduct constructive discussions about VoIP in general. Apart of that, it was quite a hot spring day (over 25 Celsius), so the rest was about beer and good food in a typical Romanian restaurant. Here are links to photo albums and videos from ROSDEV2008 and the diner afterwards.


Next day it was an applied seminar of VoIP and OpenSER, photos at:

Friday, April 11, 2008


This post mainly addresses to Romanians around OPENSER Project and Open Source VoIP.

The second edition of Romanian Open Source Development Conference (ROSDEV2008) is taking place tomorrow, April 12, 10:00-18:00, at University “Politehnica” Bucharest, Computer Science Department, Hall EG301. It is an event organized for Open Source developers by Open Source developers.

It is the place to meet lot of Open Source projects, many programmers and companies interested in this philosophy.

I will have a short talk about what means life as Open Source developer, OPENSER and other VoIP technologies.

It is a merit for the organizers to bring one of the top 3 television channels in Romania to broadcast the event on Internet. More details at (Romanian only):


Live broadcasting:


Monday, April 7, 2008

OPENSER Devel Guide

Daniel-Constantin Mierla and Elena-Ramona Modroiu, co-founders OPENSER, authored the OPENSER Devel Guide. It is comprehensive tutorial, approaching the important components of OPENSER: memory manager, locking system, pseudo-variables, transformations, statistics, configuration file, db and timer api, module interface and so on.

The document is intended to give the knowledge for those willing to develop extensions for OPENSER and to show its internal structure. The tutorial is available at:


Friday, April 4, 2008

OpenSER eLearning and Certification programs

ASIPTO is offering certification and eLearning programs for OPENSER SIP Server, backed up by two co-founders of the project.

OPENSER is a complex platform, testing the knowledge about and passing the certification proofs the professional expertise gained working with this technology.

eLearning channels address the major issues of VoIP platform in the real world. Understanding the root of the issues and learning the right solutions to solve them is what the classes focus on.

More details at www.asipto.com

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

OpenSER Social Networking Events - April-June 2008

In the period of time April - June 2008, there will be a series of OpenSER Social Networking events organized in different places world wide, during the time some other Open Source or VoIP events take place in the same city.

The events are most probably in the form of a dinner, organized together with local representatives of OpenSER community. The events are intended to be rather small size, to allow each one to know the others, in a nice and friendly discussion environment. The primary goal is to strengthen the relations within community and give opportunity to network for collaboration and business. Participation to any of these events is free, everybody pays for its expenses. Anyone interested in OpenSER, SIP or VoIP in general is welcome to join.

Next events are:

- Bucharest, Romania, April 12, 2008, tied up with ROSDEV2008 (www.rosdev.ro - Romanian site only)
- Orlando, FL, USA, April 22, 2008, tied up with OPENSER-Asterisk SIP Masterclass (www.edvina.net)
- Barcelona, Spain, May 6, 2008, tied up with OPENSER-Asterisk SIP Masterclass (www.avanzada7.com)
- Vienna, Austria, May 24, 2008, on the way to AsteriskTag (www.asterisk-tag.org)
- Berlin, Germany, May 28, 2008, tied up with LinuxTag (www.linuxtag.org)
- Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 3, 2008, tied up with VoN.x Europe (www.von.com)

The hour and exact place for each event will be announced few days before as the number of attending people is known and the reservation is done.

Although you are welcome to come at any time and without prior notice, you may find that there is no more available seat to join the table. To reserve a seat or join in the organization of an event, contact Daniel-Constantin Mierla <miconda [at] gmail [dot] com>.